Prayer Weekend for Victims of Violence

Dear Religious Leader,

On Friday, February 15, 2013 through Sunday, February 17, 2013, please join us in prayer for the victims of gun violence and their families.

We are asking all religious institutions to offer special prayers during their services on that weekend to remember the many lives lost due to senseless acts of violence and to remember their families whose pain never ends. As religious leaders we are concerned by the extraordinary gun violence that has permeated our communities, our schools and even our houses of worship.

Gun violence is an issue that not only affects us here in Chicago, but also across the nation. The profound grief and suffering caused by gun violence is a most terrifying condition. The effects of gun violence are difficult to overcome, since it rips through our moral fabric and it takes away that which makes us human. So we ask that you with join us in prayer in Chicago next weekend to end this senseless violence and to call our congregations to become the active PeaceMakers to restore hope and peace to our communities.

In the Pursuit of Justice...

Rev. Michael L. Pfleger