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Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I

Statements and Letters 2007


July 25, 2007
Dear Father/Parish Bulletin Editor:

Because of letters to me and comments in the papers, I put together a short article on our theology of Church. Understandably, the media approach the Church on a purely sociological level, as one more group with particular interests. The enclosed article is intended to put the news reports in theological perspective.

While it might be a little long for some bulletins, I would encourage you to print it sometime in the next several weeks. Polish and Spanish translations are being prepared and will be distributed by e-mail when ready.

Permit me to add a personal note. These are embarrassing days for priests of the Archdiocese and for faithful Catholics. Many reports of priestly misconduct print only part of the facts, but it remains true that our sins are broadcast widely. Even as we continue to pray for all victims of sexual abuse, let us also ask the Lord to heal His Church. Often in the past, a time of trial has been followed by a great outpouring of God’s grace and a new flourishing for the Church and her mission. That’s my prayer for the Church each day, even as I pray for each of our priests, especially for those undergoing particular trials. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for your dedication to Christ’s people and ours.

Fraternally yours in Christ



Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Chicago

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