Archdiocese of Chicago
Office of Research and Planning


The Office of Research and Planning brings professional research and planning skills to the mission of the Archdiocese. It seeks to develop and support Archdiocesan strategic planning as well as the planning efforts of both parishes and various agencies.

What we do
The Office of Research and Planning participates in developing Archdiocesan strategic planning processes, providing recommendations based on research and sound planning principles. The office provides consultation resources to Vicars, agencies, parishes and organizations to assist in setting regional priorities; managing specific planning projects and increasing the ability to make informed decisions. In our efforts, the office makes use of extensive collections of parish, school, and census and community data past and present.


  • Facilitate planning at parish and vicariate levels
  • Utilize GIS systems to create data maps
  • Create demographic profiles for study areas
  • Maintain October/sacramental counts
  • Update Archdiocesan information for Official Catholic Directory
  • Provide resources to other agencies
  • Conduct special focus studies
  • Act as liaison to outside organizations
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