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CHICAGO, IL (March 26, 2008) – It was announced today that the closure of Holy Name Cathedral would be extended until further investigation of the roof structure can be properly completed. Engineers assured Holy Name Cathedral Parish administrators that they will continue to custom-design solutions in a timely manner to solve the variety of problems as they are discovered.

“Contact persons for special events at Holy Name Cathedral, as well as engaged couples preparing for marriage have been informed of the delay,” said Fr. Dan Mayall, Pastor/Rector of Holy Name Cathedral Parish. “A member of our parish staff has been assigned to each wedding and event as a personal contact person.” Decisions about relocating all special events, including weddings, will be made on a month-to-month basis.

Chicago's Catholic Cathedral building has been closed since February after a piece of the decorative wooden ceiling fell to the floor. Forensic engineers determined that the reason the piece fell was due to structural deficiencies in the 133 year-old Church building.

Regularly scheduled weekend Masses at Holy Name Cathedral Parish will continue to be celebrated in the auditorium of the Cathedral's Parish Center. Daily Masses will be offered in the Club Room on the lower level of the Parish Center. Baptisms and confessions will take place in other facilities on the Cathedral campus.

The Parish Center and auditorium are accessible via the double doors at the north end of the parish courtyard that is located on the north side of Holy Name Cathedral. The courtyard can be entered from either State Street or Wabash Avenue between Chicago Avenue and Superior Street.

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